New york dating show

Even if everyone is an actor and even Ms New York is there just for camera time ..pure fun! I loved watching each week- I really looked forward to the show.

I bet she really would like to find love so why not give this a shot ? I enjoyed her hilarious commentary about the men as well as watching her hilarious interaction with the men. I can imagine a spin-off with 12 pack and Heat - two of the men- who became friends and party kings, touring all the clubs and bars in the Northeast...basically just partying and picking up women, getting drunk. Anyway, I have to say this was a very funny concept and the personalities were SO OVER THE TOP that you could NOT get through an episode without cracking up!

In Johnson's case, that will probably involve stumbling around drunk, soiling his pants, and making abusive and offensive comments.

Seriously, 15 minutes of fame has never felt so long or drawn out.

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Attention all single people: we know it’s hard to find love in 2017!

Of course, there's also the possibility that history will repeat itself and the muscled menace will be evicted.

Tiffany (AKA New York) made it clear back in the day ... But we're told that's all changing on her new untitled show that began taping in L. she's breaking away from "Flavor of Love" style dating shows and getting real personal with her mom, Sister Patterson.

He also became victim to a lot of nasty rumors about his sexuality.

It included an ex-girlfriend of his admitting that 12 Pack once worked as a stripper in a gay bar. Although he was eliminated from I Love New York on its seventh episode, he said his own show is in the works.

she is nasty, spoiled and a big fat show is very interesting to watch, how much money is she getting to do this awful show, and whats up with her mother,i thought her and new york did not get along, but now it seems as though she is just as fake as her crazy where is the so called husband, he is no where to be found,i would not to be with them either. Anytime you put New York and her mother together, you can guarantee it's going to be an explosion of entertainment.

I just saw the season premiere of "I Love New York" and it was crazy... The guys they had on the show are pretty interesting as well.