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My little monster had a visit to the school he will be starting in September and I am looking forward to seeing him continue going from strength to strength overcoming his speech problems.Today Patch goes to the vets for his second jabs this time next week he will be able to join us on proper walks yay!

I picked Terrific Massage simply for the proximity to his massage place, and we’d agreed to meet up in an hour at the gay bar across the street.

I have done some work on my fb like page adding a little exclusive content to encourage people to hit the like button.

I have not worked much on the novel this week due to my muse hijacking my brain with the short story for the charity anthology.

Whilst each of these disciplines has established its own design methodologies, there is a need for methodological frameworks that meet the specific demands of the cross-disciplinary space defined by learning analytics.

In particular there is no systematic workflow for producing learning analytics tools that are both technologically feasible and truly underpin the learning experience.